Frequently Asked Questions 
Q: How do I place an order?
A: You can place your order directly from this website
- To begin, you must enter the incarcerated individual's identification number
- Select the facility where the incarcerated individual is located
- Make product selections and then go to checkout
- We also accept orders via phone
Q: How do I know that items are acceptable at the facility?
A: All items presented on the shopping pages are approved by the Utah Department of Corrections.
Q: How much will I be charged for shipping?
A: $8.95 shipping on all orders.
Q: What if I do not know the name of the correctional facility?
A: You can enter the DOC number or last name of the incarcerated individual and you can select the correct incarcerated individual from the options presented. 
Q: What if something in the order is damaged?
A: If there is a problem with your order, the incarcerated individual is responsible for reporting the discrepancy to the issuing staff member. Once reported, you will be refunded for the damaged item(s). 
Q: Will I receive confirmation that the package was processed?
A: An invoice will be emailed to the address provided when the order is processed. Please allow 24 – 72 hours for the order to deliver to the facility. 
Q: When will my package be delivered to the facility?
A: Orders are delivered according to the incarcerated individual's commissary schedule by UCI in December. 
Q: How can I contact Customer Service?
Union Supply Direct
Attn: Customer Service
Dept. 112 P.O. Box 619059
Dallas, TX 75261-9059
T: (469) 936-0214
Monday – Friday: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM (MST)
Saturday: 6:00 AM – 2:00PM (MST)
Live Chat Q&A
Q: What is Live Chat?
A: Live Chat is a feature provided to our customers to ask any quick questions concerning the status of your order(s), availability of items, dollar limitations, and any other questions.
Q: How do I use Live Chat?
A: Simply click on our (light blue) “NEW LIVE CHAT” tab on the top of our home page. Enter a nickname you wish to be displayed to our web chat representative, followed by your email address (Please use a valid email address to receive a copy of your “Chat Summary” at the end of your chat session) and the topic for the chat. Click on the message logo and a representative will be available shortly after.
Q: Can I place an order via chat?
A: No. In order to place an order you will have to place it via web or over the phone with a representative.
Q: Can I cancel an order via chat?
A: No. In order to cancel your order you will have to call our Customer Service Department and cancel your order with a representative over the phone.
Q. Can I use Live Chat on my phone?
A. Yes, our Live Chat feature is also available on all mobile devices. You can chat with us by using your cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computers.
Q. What time is Live Chat available?
A. Our live chat hours of operation are the same as our Customer Service Department hours, Monday - Friday 5am - 9pm (MST) and Saturday 6am - 2pm (MST).